How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey: Here Are 7 Tips

How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey: 7 Tips

1 health is wealth first we have to understand that think how important fitness and health is without health we are nothing if you can’t be consistent in your workout routine and at your gym then you can make discipline in your daily routine and of course first we have left that think who is stopping us from to do exercise there some habits like late night use a cell phone and waking up too late and don’t have a proper routine in daily life

 so first make a time for your workout cardio and basic exercise whatever you want to do just make a time and place also because place plays a very important role when you do a workout in an open place like a park terries and mountains it gives a fresh air and give a reason to continue.

Taking action

2. One thing always remember in life whatever you want to do or achieve first you have to acknowledge that thing and analyse how will this benefit you. Always looking for your gains and health is the biggest reason to start exercising and going to the gym doesn’t matter what goes on in your daily life just you have to take a step and the step is to go out for exercise

listen to songs to feel motivated to feel positivity listen to motivated songs when you are doing exercise and running also because it’s necessary for human life doing workouts is very important for your fitness journey if you want to achieve good fitness then you have to take action for your fitness. It’s not a hard or impossible thing to achieve it’s effortless to achieve if you are doing it regularly.

Do nothing but do a workout

3. doing a workout and taking care of your health is a discipline thing as we know because we eat healthy for better results and health. When we take care of our health and fitness we create good discipline in life and this discipline also works in other areas of life

like when you work workout eat healthy get up early in the morning and sleep early for your health drink water and more things. You just have to do is workout then you develop good habits automatically you don’t have to worry about that I want to eat healthy you eat automatically.

Consistency is the key

4. In the fitness journey you have to be consistent if you want to achieve your dream fitness physic without consistent you cannot achieve every field in life playing football and become a very good player in cricket you want to achieve good scores and other fields also the key is consistency be consistent is the way to get best results and also we can say consistency is key to success.

First, make small goals and try to achieve them first just small goals like getting up early in the morning to do nothing just getting up early or reading a book so read just 5 to 10 pages that pressure yourself to make small goals that kind of and try to achieve them.


Make a chart 

5. Making a chart is a motivational thing when you cross every date every day every work you have done and cross after that it helps to build discipline and here or in life after reading the book cross the date after finishing the workout cross the date after eating no junk food in a whole day cross the date it will be very beneficial for you and your upcoming life your family and other areas of life.

Eating healthy or clean

6. The eating habit plays a vital role in your dream fitness because whatever you consume will show on your body and your face like you drink lots of sugar. Then you become fat so that’s why it plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle is so discipline thing and also not a big challenge for you it is just a matter of habit once you get into this habit for health and fitness you will achieve your dream.

First, we have to understand the thing is habits once we change our habits into good ones we will be able to do things on time like a bad habit gives a relaxation now but later you will regret that habit you know what habit I am talking about is waking up late in the morning use cellphone till in the midnight and eating junk food fast food and smoking, etc. it will destroy our health and fitness so we have to be very diligent in our daily life.


Tracking your food

7. Last but not least when you are tracking your food you know exactly what you are consuming if you maintain your body weight you eat the exact amount of calories according to your body weight and if you want to gain weight you should eat calories in surplus again according to your body weight. Whatever your dream physic is the whole game is calories.


Health and fitness are wealth as we discuss in our blog, remember one thing consistency is the key whether it’s waking up early and going running and lifting weights regularly or making healthier food options, just sticking to your task and routine is crucial for seeing results.

Keep setting goals and achieve them or stay motivated and most importantly do work full of your heart and brain and which you are interested in, this help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


How can I gain lean muscle mass?

Ans: You have to consume protein like eggs chicken poultry and carbohydrate you also need to train to maximize muscle–building strength training and cardio.

2. What is a good diet for my health and fitness?

Ans: You should eat healthy foods that give you a proper source like vegetables fruits whole grain broccoli eggs fish etc.

3. How does fitness affect our body and mental health?

Ans: People who exercise daily have a better body and mental health.

4. What type of training for muscle mass?

Ans: lifting weights on a flat bench lifting shoulder presses and weighted squats is the type of exercise you need to do in training for muscle mass.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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