6 Uncover Hidden Gems: The Best Tourist Spots No One Knows About

6 Uncover Hidden Gems: The Best Tourist Spots No One Knows About

Khajjiar is one of the hidden gems in India

1. Khajjiar is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh there you will find a lot of deer and bears and the best thing is that Khajjiar’s nickname is mini-Switzerland that’s why tourist love this place.

I am saying this is the hidden and best place to visit at least once in life because this is the place that everyone should visit once in their life mountain views are on top and Khanjar is a never-ending list of tops – from

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve and there also you will find the Panch Pandav Tree to Khajjiar Lake and Dainkund Peak. This should be on your bucket list. This hill station place is excellent you can say this is a hidden gem.


Bir in Himachal Pradesh

2. Bir is also one of the places in Himachal Pradesh where you find paragliding Bir is famous for paragliding Bir is the capital of paragliding and Bir is renowned for the Tibetan colony in Bir, there are a lot of activities to do and we know we enjoy activities in life because we are doing activities we enjoy life and Bir is the perfect destination for doing activities there is dozens of activities and Bir is a foodies place for foody people who are fond of food so Bir is for them there is paranormal hikes that is excellent in Bir.

so many options of hotels and hostels for tourists because the first thing we see is to place where we gonna stay this plays a major role in travel.


Nubra valley in Ladakh

3. Nubra is a part of Jammu and Kashmir Nubra valley known as the orchard of Ladakh. With its Orchard, monasteries, and camels Nubra Valley is the most beautiful and dreaming place in India, and Indian people are very fascinated by Ladakh It should be on our bucket list.

There is no snowfall but the mountains and the view of Nubra Valley don’t forget about the Nubra River, which is a river in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh in India. And also, a part of the Indus River system. As I mentioned, Nubra Valley is a high-altitude cold desert in Ladakh.

As we all know Ladakh is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, and thrilling vibes of the highest mountain passes, and one is also famous for Buddhist Monasteries and festivals.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

4. A perfect and popular destination for holidays and vacations and the best time to visit is May to October this is the best time there is no stranger to rich wildlife and as you know you will see the houses of the unique dense evergreen tropical rainforest.

Some people think that they need a passport it’s only required for outside the people of India. Indians don’t need or require a passport to visit Andaman and Nicobar this is also a part of India and Andaman Nicobar is also a territory of India. The cities connected to Andaman Nicobar are Kolkata, Chennai, and Vishakhapatnam there is a facility by water vizag via waterway.

Ships are leaving daily from all these three cities and connect Port Blair at the Haddo Wharf. You can also book a flight to the nearest airport the Veer Savarkar Airport which is located in the capital town of Port Blair.


Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir 

5. In Gulmarg have you seen the cable car it is the highest cable car in the world there is tons of millions of tourists have come to see the beauty of Gulmarg. One of the main attractions in Gulmarg is the Gulmarg Gondola as I told you the highest cable car in the world and the mountain views are fantastic even if we can’t explain in words the beauty of Gulmarg.

The best time to visit in Gulmarg is March to June the summer season is the best time to visit. The hill station is often visited for visitors’ adventure opportunities and the beautiful views of the surroundings from the town. The main thing we are going to see is the view and environment beauty and to feel freely make memories and enjoy life with ourself and travel partners and the way for reach Gulmarg is the fastest and safest way is flight. New Delhi to Gulmarg is a flight to Srinagar International Airport, then you have to book a cab which takes 4h 0m.

Dal Lake in Srinagar

6. Urban lake which is spread over 15 km and is the main attraction for tourists because people hire boats and go for boat ride then see the beauty of Dal Lake in Srinagar. Dal Lake is a lake in Srinagar and is also called the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir Dal Lake is the second largest lake in Srinagar the mountains surrounding the lake are worth watching and deserve to be captured.

The lake is also an important source for water plant harvesting and commercial operations in fishing. And don’t forget that the lake is the life of Srinagar city. The water of Dal Lake is amazing, and the clear and clean water of Lake The best time to visit Dal Lake is from May to November this is the best time to travel to Dal Lake. 



The travel and tourism industry is the largest in India this industry is also an important contributor to India’s economy and provides employment opportunities to tons of million people now it’s our responsibility to maintain tourist destinations and hotels, railway stations, etc.


1. What are the good and bad things about tourism?

Ans: The good thing is creating job opportunities as we know tourism provides employment opportunities. The bad thing is that When millions of people travel to a destination, it leads to a high tourist influx at the goal.

2. What is the importance of tour and travel?

Ans: In travel, you will meet people of different cultures, then you learn so many things in life when you meet people and discover new places and also discover yourself. 

3. What is the relationship between tours and travel?

Ans: Travel is about moving from one place to another and the second one is a tour, tours are structured experiences designed to showcase specific destinations or attractions to travelers.

4. Why do I need a travel agent?

Ans: when we purchase a package from a travel agent then we don’t have to worry about anything like hotels food destinations etc. We are comfortable and relaxed and it also saves our time.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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